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The famous video game studio Starbreeze takes on the Cannes film festival with a VR film made with RIG

StarVR is THE next generation VR headset. With a 210° horizontal fov and 5K display, it gives a new meaning to the word immersion. Created by the european video game studio STARBREEZE, it’s about to hit the VR market. Already famous for their Walking Dead VR demo in E3, the StarVR want now to steal the show at Cannes this spring.

A villa overlooking the bay will host a big launching party for COCKATOO SPRITZ, a short VR fiction by the french director Stephane BARBATO. The whole party is designed around the unique Art nouveau style of the film, with the cast welcoming the guests and bringing them to the other reality.

A 360° 3D Slow-motion shot full of VFX – what else ?

StarBreeze came to us to supervise the VR and 3D of the film and help design a shooting process. The challenge was huge : the StarVR headset has no compromise on image and experience quality, so the film had to match those expectations. They wanted a 360° 3D film with some 1000 fps slow-motion shots. We designed a new rig based on Phantom 4K cameras and set up the scene for 3D and VR.

The set was built on a huge studio in Paris, keeping some tricks to give the DoP Baptiste CHESNAY room to send the enormous amount of light needed for 1000 fps shots. The shoot lasted two days, with more than 20 actors including a live band and a chinese dragon.
The post-production took almost 2 month with a lot of VFX done by Small in Paris. The result is a colorful and baroque comedy that gives room for the tremendous actors to play and ends in a bang. To see in Cannes in may !


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