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The Luxemburg-based production company A_BAHN brings Clothilde Courau and Matthieu Kassovitz to VR

The shooting took place during a cold night in an abandonned warehouse of the french army. FAN CLUB depicts the story of a famous actress – played by Clothilde Courau – invited for a week-end with her fans that turns into a nightmare. She soon has to face weird creatures and run for her life.

Vincent RAVALEC, the director, wanted to try a lot of different directions for this VR short. “There is so much that we don’t know yet. And the usual tricks that we use in regular cinema does not help. You have to reinvent everything”. That is why the short is a mix of CGI shots, drawings, regular 3D shots and VR native 3D shots. A rich sound design links everything, along with the voice of Matthieu Kassovitz wispering in your ear. The sound have been spatialised with a specific player, adding to the desorientation and dizziness.

We could do a lot with the CGI. This is a great way to focus on senses during the experience.

Vincent RAVALEC, Director

The Project is scheduled to be premiered in Cannes Film Festival 2016 in the NEXT pavilion. A_BAHN asked us to supervise both the VR and the stereoscopy, with Thomas VILLEPOUX following the project. To achieve the soft 3D needed for the experience, we had to build a new rig based on Blackmagic Micro 4K cameras along with lenses that gave us the possibility to shoot in low light conditions.

On set, we installed a live stitching system so the director could see a preview of his scene while shooting. It gave us the efficency to shoot the whole short in one (however long) night. The post-production is now close to the end and the result is mind-blowing. To be seen in Cannes in may.


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