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And hop a new success for dvmobile and our spin off rig by dvmobile, specialized in the prod exe content immersive & VR 360!

The project takes the form of an immersive space with special narration. “We do not want to use a simple virtual reality headset: we would not have been able to sustain large-scale experiment.” The solution is to invest in the field of video. Nicolas Meliand, producer at Fighting Fish explains that the technical stakes were high … “We worked hand in hand with the agency and the client. It was also a real narrative proposal. “

Puyperoux Gregory, director at Fighting Fish, presents the concept as “a scene out of traditional film and advertising formats.” Spectators watching the film should have the impression of looking at reality through a window. “We shot a film in ultra HD, filmed with six cameras 6K to a gigantic size in terms of resolution.” The result is a feeling of being in the film, watch handle users connected objects and the possibility of transposing what is happening live. “We chose a nearby staging theater to prevent side ‘technology demonstration’ ‘a little cold,” says Nicolas Meliand.

Le message véhiculé a très bien fonctionné : c’était concret, clair, et accessible

Emmanuel Macron Ministre de l'économie, de l'Industrie et du Numérique

The project was not only immersive, it was also interactive. “One demonstrator was here to launch the presentation, and interact with real objects for a more concrete results. For each scene, we have prepared 6 interactive objects in front of screens, for a perfect mix of physical and digital, “says Julien Terraz.

The success was the rendezvous. “When one imagines Post at CES, one can imagine a small stand. It’s really not the case. ” Indeed, all partners were present, and the stand was visited by Emmanuel Macron. “The message conveyed worked very well: it was concrete, clear, and accessible.” In total, nearly 200 sessions attended between 5 and 20 people, which were made possible by the device.
The experience is intended to be reused by post. “It will be available in the Lab, and can be rotated more widely.”


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